What Make Breast Enhancement Pills and Creams Work?

With all the breast enhancing pills and creams that are coming out in the market today, how do you know which one is effective and which one is not? Which one has faster effects and which one will take longer to produce visible results? This question might be easy to answer if breast enhancement has to be done surgically.breast-enhancement-pills

In breast enlargement surgeries, the answer is obvious. The plastic surgeon only has to inject something into your mammary glands or implant something underneath, and then poof! You already have big boobs!

However, if you are planning to augment your breast by using the more conventional and the natural way, then you need to know whether a certain cream produces the result you want or not. You can also do this by being knowledgeable about the typical ingredients of these creams and pills that make them effective.

Just like packed foods with nutrition labels on them, creams come in labeled packages also. The first step in selecting which cream to use is to read the list of ingredients. The ingredients are most commonly listed according to amount. The most abundant ingredient in the product is the first to be listed and so on. What are the ingredients that you are looking for?50e33c6b99c6a5d10e80d6b806faa17f

  1. Kwao Krua or Pueraria mirifica

This plant is a common produce in the South Eastern part of Asia, more specifically in the Indochina region, which is comprised of Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos as well as Thailand. The tuberous fruit of this plant is the one used in many breast enhancement creams.

What makes the fruit of this plant an excellent ingredient in breast enhancement creams? This fruit is said to contain compounds called miroestrol, which acts in a similar way as estrogen. The effects of this fruit are said to be almost the same as that of Fenugreek, which is a well-researched breast-enhancing agent.

  1. Fenugreek

This herb has long been used as a breast enhancer and is known to have a good safety profile. Its use originated in India, where it is most commonly found. Fenugreek has a lot of uses, especially to women’s reproductive health but the most famous of them is its effect on breast size.

How does fenugreek do that? This plant contains phytoestrogens, such as diosgenin, which is one of the most important of them all. Aside from improving your bust shape and size, diosgenin has also been associated with decreased incidence rates of breast cancer in the region and lower premenstrual symptoms among women using Fenugreek.

  1. Wild Yam2

Another ingredient of breast enhancement pills and creams that you should look for is wild yam, a perennial vine that is not only used for breast enlargement, but for breast cancers as well. The anti-breast cancer property, as well as the effect on premenstrual symptoms, of this Chinese herb has been associated with its progesterone content. Though there is no conclusive evidence as to how diosgenin is converted to estrogen and progesterone in the body, it was, however, found out that the hormonal levels of people who take wild yam are higher than those who do not.

5 Things That You Have to Know About Breast Augmentation

breast-actives[1]-500x500The number of women who undergo breast enlargement procedures has tripled over the last 2 decades. The technology in breast enhancement has improved and evolved as well. Women who want to have their breasts enlarged have multiple options on how they want this procedure done. From the conventional silicone bags, breast enhancement can now be performed using saline injection and fats. There are also herbal products that women use to augment their breast “naturally”.

However, if you are planning to undergo such procedures, it is not enough that you ask your friend for an herbal prescription, or for an advice regarding the best surgical procedure for breast augmentation. Before going through any procedure, or taking in or applying any medicine, it is wis
e that you know these five basic things about breast enhancement:

1. There are two different ways to do it and it is up to you to make the selection. As mentioned above, a woman who wants to get her breasts enhanced can choose between a surgical and a natural method. Surgical method entails incising the lower part of your breast and inserting an implant, whether fat, silicone, or saline-based material, underneath your mammary tissue. The natural method, on the other hand, entails the application of cream or taking in breast enhancement pills. Your selection will depend on several factors, such as cost, how fast you want to see results and convenience.

2. Each method has its own difficulties. Now that you are familiar with the two methods, the next step is to weigh each modality’s benefits and risks. What makes surgical advantageous over the natural way, and vice versa?

One advantage of surgery over creams and pills is the immediacy of the results. Creams and pills may take 3 to 4 weeks, at the least, to take effect. It is also important to remember that each one has its drawbacks, too.Convenience is a relative term. What is convenient for you may not be convenient for another. For example, surgical method may be more convenient for you since it is a one-time shot. No need for application of creams or taking pills after that. However, it may be considered inconvenient for another since she has to go to the doctor every now and then for follow-up check-up.Breast enhancement 163. Both have risks. Many people believe that going the natural and organic way is the better way. What they do not know is that it is not always the case. Though creams and pills contain natural ingredients, such as extracts from saw palmetto, wild yam and fenugreek, they may also have some side effects, such as rash, gastric upset, and a lot more. These organic ingredients may have toxic effects to the body or to a breastfeeding child if used in larger doses.

4. You need to seek expert advice. Whether you are planning to undergo breast augmentation procedure or take pills, it would be smart to pay your physician a visit. Plastic surgeons are the best doctors to ask as they are the ones who are most familiar with the procedure. This is the best time to ask him or her anything and everything about the procedure. This way, you will gain proper guidance.

5. There are creams and pills that the FDA did not approve yet. It is important to read the labels of the creams and pills that you use. This is because not all of them gained the approval of the FDA. When the FDA did not approve a medication, it means that there are no conclusive evidences regarding its efficacy.